Front End Developer

UNIT9 director Martin Percy, teaming with San Francisco based agency Evolution Bureau (EVB) presents an excitingly realistic web experience for Jameson® Irish Whiskey.

The web experience lets the user explore Dublin in 1780, very much as John Jameson, (the founder of Jameson Irish Whiskey), would have seen it.

Evolution Bureau (EVB), based in San Francisco, is one is the most awarded ad agencies in digital: it’s one of the thirteen members of the FWA’s “Hall of Fame”, and has won virtually every major award in advertising.

EVB was tasked with creating an HD-based digital initiative for Jameson’s Whiskey – a web presence to match a major TV campaign in the US. It needed to tie in with the campaign theme of “Dublin 1780” – which is when the Jameson’s distillery was founded.

We had the perfect location lined up, for a journey into the 18th century: Dennis Severs’ House: an amazing shrine in Spitalfields, that we’d loved for years.

The house is furnished entirely in the style of the 18th century, with almost no electricity, lit only by candles.

It wasn’t all at Dennis Severs’ House: UNIT9 also shot in Dublin, in a part of the historic Jameson’s Distillery, and in a medieval church in east London. Martin was determined that the lighting would be dominated by candlelight: Carl Burke, the DoP, did a phenomenal job making it all work with super fast lenses.

The shoot was managed by UNIT9’s film partners, the shoot group, with producers Louis Figgis and Michelle Craig managing miracles in a very short amount of time.

EVB designed the interface for the site, and worked closely with Yates Buckley and unit9’s team in Italy on the build. unit9’s digital producers, Olivia Young and Fred Chak kept the build going smoothly.



  • Agency: EVB
  • Brand: Jameson® Irish Whiskey
  • Executive Producer: Emmanuel Saccoccini
  • Interactive Producer: Olivia Young, Fred Chak
  • Technical Director: Yates Buckley
  • Tech Lead: Marco Scabia
  • Art Direction: Jarrod Castaing
  • Designer: Jarrod Castaing
  • Developer: David Hartono, Daniele Pelagatti, Marco Coppi, Radu Nitescu
  • Sound Design: Steve Nolan
  • Live Action Executive Producer: Michelle Craig
  • Live Action Producer: Louis Figgis
  • Director of Photography: Carl Burke
  • UX: Michael Ho
  • Live Action Production: Holster Studios
  • Production Company: UNIT9