Rifle Jeans: Interactive Installation

Tech Lead

Displayed at the opening party for the first Rifle flagship store at Milan, the installation transformed passers by into models walking the Fashion Week runway. All they had to do was to tweet #RIFLEJEANS.

The installation is a fluid frame bringing real life and a social platform like Twitter into one. It’s basically a lookbook for the Rifle collection – you get to see all new items, as if you are standing at the first row of a fashion show. The twist is; the installation invites you to walk the runway yourself, dressed head to toe in Rifle. All you need to do is tweet #RIFLEJEANS to see your face appear in the illustrations, waiting to walk the runway at the store window.

“The user (in the street, in front of the installation) becomes the protagonist of the installation”, explains creative director Francesco Bernabei, “one minute he walks the Rifle runway in the installation, and the next minute he may be wearing the same Rifle Jeans in the real world.”

“Suddenly all eyes are on you, having not only people on the street see you walking, but within the installation itself the faces of the twitterati waiting their turn are lined along the runway in the playful illustrations, enjoying the show.” adds illustrator Jonathan Calugi. “The interaction between the tweets and the artwork is simply amazing – the animations breathes life into the tweets.”

The installation continues to move between Rifle stores in Italy, inviting the passers by to join the fashion show by tweeting #RIFLEJEANS. And as a reward for their best modelling moves, every 50th tweets gets a tweet back from Rifle with a discount code that they can use in store


  • Brand: Rifle Jeans
  • Production Company: UNIT9
  • Creative Director: Francesco Bernabei
  • Executive Producer: Francesco Bernabei
  • Tech Lead: Daniele Pelagatti
  • Flash Developer: Martino Faconti
  • Interactive Supervisor: David Hartono
  • Illustration: Jonathan Calugi
  • Animation: Luca Cioni
  • Live Action Production: Cristina Rauter
  • Assistant Producer: Elita Cannata
  • Director of Production: Juri Ciani
  • Backstage: Joao Pucci, Asterios Kokkinis, Cosimo Nesca, Vito Nicola Galluzzi